Holy Week – The Power of the Cross

The Passion of our Lord compels the deepest emotions of Christians, as the cry of our spirit embedded with such sorrow strangely mixes with unbridled joy birthed in the freedom that is ours because of what Christ has done.  I know of no other song penned in recent years that has more richly captured this collision of spiritual forces that stir contrasting emotional forces within as does this jewel by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend, and especially as expressed through the tender yet uniquely powerful voice of Kristyn Getty.  The scene painted by the text is almost unbearable. The perfect man, Jesus, “tried by sinful men, torn and beaten, then Nailed to a cross of wood.”  Beyond our comprehension is the dark notion of “every bitter tho’t, every evil deed Crowning His blood-stained brow.”  Though darkness chases the light away and the ground quakes, we rejoice in what follows, “Curtain torn in two, dead are raised to life; ‘Finished! the victory cry!”   “This the power of the cross: Christ became sin for us; took the blame, bore the wrath; We stand forgiven at hte cross!”

Thanks be to God


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